Melinda Ruth Swango Johnson
Class of 1950
"Dress code in the 1950s was conservative. A typical outfit worn to class would be a plaid skirt (hemline below the knees), a sweater set, loafers and socks. High heels and full skirts with crinoline petticoats were not approved. One of the girls in the Class of 1955 repeatedly defied the dress code with this look and was sent to the Headmistress' office quite often to be chastised. Makeup was not allowed. At the end of the day, the ladies' room was crowded with girls applying lipstick. The idea of conservative clothing was to put everyone 'on the same plane.'"

Paul W. Sammarco
Class of 1966
"At ESB, we were not required to wear a uniform at that time, so I chose to wear more fashionable clothes-but always a jacket, tie and nice slacks. Only about two or three of us in the entire school did so. In my senior year, the only thing I won was 'best dressed.' I wonder why."