It's D-E's 125th birthday, and we are "celebrating our story". To make this a celebration for our entire community, we invite you to celebrate YOUR story.

Using the "Submit Your Story" online form below (scroll down) please Email a personal reflection from your time spent at the Dwight School, Englewood School for Boys (ESB), and/or Dwight-Englewood. We welcome your testimonials, anecdotes, and tributes. Submissions are encouraged from alumni young and old, as well as current D-E students, parents & guardians, and current and former faculty and staff members.

Enjoy the reflections already submitted below, and thank you for celebrating our story with us!
Charlotte Merriam Cole
Class of 1970
“We were always encouraged to be the best that we could be in all aspects of our lives. The faculty and administrative staff were committed to helping us in any way they could. I felt challenged, supported, and encouraged every day at Dwight. We were encouraged to give back to our communities through volunteer activities, as well.”
Stefan Bucek
Class of 1975
“[I remember our] choir trip to Romania at the end of the 1975 school year. The country had just endured Watergate and the resignation of President Nixon, and there was a lot of anti-American sentiment going around. On our [flight] to Europe, many of the students on board were speaking ill of the USA. Now, I had been to Czechoslovakia the summer before, visiting family, and having had that experience, I told the protesters that when we returned from this trip, they would be kissing the ground at JFK. I got laughed off, but I had the final laugh. Even though the Romanian government showed us the best that their country could offer, kept us in their best hotels...
Karen Simon Kates
Class of 1970
“My Dwight career is nearly over with graduation only a few days away. Somehow the past four years have slipped by, and I know that my diploma cannot really tell where they have gone. So now I look back in retrospect to find out what high school was all about."
Melinda Swango Johnson
Class of 1955
“Dress code in the 1950s was conservative. A typical outfit worn to class would be a plaid skirt (hemline below the knees), a sweater set, loafers and socks. High heels and full skirts with crinoline petticoats were not approved. One of the girls in the Class of 1955 repeatedly defied the dress code with this look and was sent to the Headmistress’ office quite often to be chastised. Makeup was not allowed. At the end of the day, the ladies’ room was crowded with girls applying lipstick. The idea of conservative clothing was to put everyone ‘on the same plane.’”
Susan Devine-Lempert
Class of 1974
“I have great memories of my teachers and directors, [including] Mrs. Stueder and Mrs. Robinson, who was known for proclaiming, ‘Well, when I was at The Academy...’ at the drop of a hat, referring to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, which did seem pretty impressive to all of us. Mr. Carlton Colyer was a great director and later a good friend and had been a professional actor. And Malcolm Duffy, whose knowledge and love of theater was always inspirational, taught a great class senior year in which a group of us studied play scripts and then went on field trips to see [the plays in] NYC.”
Mary Lou Agemian Heath
Class of 1960
“I loved sports and we had a lot of school spirit. Kent Place was our biggest rival in all sports. We wore really cute tunics with plaid ties at the waist. Our mothers did the driving for away games and provided the cut up oranges for half-time and cookies for after the games.”
Peyton G. Craighill
Class of 1947
“The performance of ‘The Bartered Bride’ that brought the Boys School and Dwight together was the high point of my extracurricular experience. It set me on a lifetime of love of opera. One time, Harry T. Burleigh, a prominent African American classical musician, also came and talked to us about his life experiences. That was my first contact with a black classical musician.”
Peyton G. Craighill
Class of 1947
"The student body was so small compared to the public school I had attended, that [ESB] felt like an extended family. I very much enjoyed the family feeling."
Paul Sammarco
Class of 1966
[What I remember about ESB values were] honesty, integrity, truth, perseverance, diligence, hard work, balance in one's life, maintaining good relations with teachers and other students, {and] love of life."
Elaine Ober
Class of 1971
"Dwight was a true haven for me. Because of its high academic standards and expectations, and because the environment encouraged us all to do and think whatever we wanted, I am the person I am today. Many of the skills I use every single day -- at work and at home in my volunteering -- come in one way or another from my years at Dwight."

It's D-E's 125th birthday! To make this a celebration for our entire community, we invite you to celebrate YOUR story. Alumni have already shared their own fascinating reflections and memories (please see above for just a sampling!).

To submit your own personal reflection(s) of your time at Dwight School, the Englewood School for Boys, or Dwight-Englewood, please fill out the Feedback Form below.

Photographs and archival and more recent memorabilia are also welcome and encouraged. Please contact Maria Sanchez-Gardner, Alumni Relations Director, at 201-569-9500 ext. 3413 or Email sanchm@d-e.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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