Vivien Hoexter
Class of 1978 - Honored 2008
Yale University B.A. magna cum laude, 1982
Wharton School of Business MBA, 1986

Career Highlights in a Life of Service
CEO, Gilda’s Club Worldwide 2006-2008:
Led the world headquarters of Gilda’s Club (named after comedienne Gilda Radner), a $30 million network of affiliates providing emotional and social support to people with cancer, as well as their families and friends.
Created and launch the web-based “Living Room”, a social networking site where people with cancer can connect and share common experiences.
Vice President, AFS Intercultural Programs/USA 1998-2006:
Helped lead and grow the largest U.S. high-school student exchange program, ensuring that 4,000 students a year, American and foreign, could learn first-hand about each others’ cultures and improve global understanding.
In 2003, successfully launched, in conjunction with the U.S. State Department, an exchange program bringing hundreds of students from predominantly Muslim countries to live with American families for a year.
Director of Development, The Hunger Project 1993-1998:
Increased fundraising revenue by 40% in five years, facilitating the work of an international organization committed to ending chronic, persistent hunger in the developing world.